Satyavijaya Nagaram

Satyavijaya Nagaram is a village in Arani Taluk, Thiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu. It is about 240 km from Bangalore and 150 km from Chennai. The Moola Brindavana of Sri Sri 1008 Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu is situated on the banks of Kamandalanaga River. The math is positioned amidst serene nature away from the crowd and commercialism of habitation. The place reverberates with positive vibrations pertinent for spiritual upliftment and helps forget the mundane issues of life.

This village also houses the palace of the then Raja of Arani, Venkatanatha Rao Sahib, an ardent follower of Madhwa sampradaya. By the inspiration and blessings of Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu, the Raja constructed the present math around the Moola Brindavana for the convenience of devotees. Subsequently, the king relocated his palace from Arani to Satyavijaya Nagaram. The pontiff instructed the king in his dream to set up this village by colonizing poor brahmin families from nearby locations. Thus, many brahmin families from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu set up their home base here with Raja's suitable administrative and economic support for subsistence.

Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu desired the place to be named after the person who came there first. As he himself was the first person to get there, the place was therefore, named by the Raja as Satya Vijaya Nagar. The village people led a happy and prosperous life by the grace of the saint and their generous Raja. It is the one and only place in India named directly after Sri Uttaradi math pontiff.

Presently, many of the earlier brahmin families have migrated out of S V Nagaram leaving less than a handful of them. Even the palace is now taken over by the State Government and is converted into an educational institution. However, the present generation of the Raja and other ardent devotees keep visiting this holy place to acquire blessings of Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu and Shree Veera Anjaneya Swami.