Brindavanas in the Vicinity

Besides Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu moola brindavana, the matha is also the abode of moola brindavana of Sri Ranga Wodeyar and mritika brindavana of Sri Satyaveera Teertharu and Sri Raghavendra Swam

Sri Sri 1008 Sri Satyaveera Teertharuru

Sri Satyaveera Teertharu is the 35th pontiff of Sri Uttaradi matha. He was given deeksha by his guru Sri Satyaparakrama Teertha and reigned the peetha for 7years-1month-2days. He entered brindavana in Korlahalli on Kartika Shuddha Dashami. It was with his desire that his first mritika brindavana was constructed close to the moola brindavana of Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu.

It so happened when Sri Satyaveera Teertha came to Arani, the then Raja, Srinivas Rao Saheb welcomed him with great pomp and show. Later while leaving the place, the pontiff sensed that the Raja was worried about something. On enquiry, the Raja admitted his concern of not having a male progeny. The pontiff immediately blessed the Raja and told him that after a year on his way back from Rameshwaram he would visit the place again and see his male heir. The Raja however, had his own doubts. A year later when the pontiff returned, he was greeted by the Raja with full grandeur. The Raja had had a son by then and had named him Raja Satyaveera in reverence to the pontiff and also named him Tirumala Rao Saheb as per royal family tradition.

Sri Ranga Wodeyar

Legend goes that once a poor brahmin having been driven out of his house by his family found refuge in this matha. Eventhough he was uneducated in Sanskrit, he nurtured the only ambition of learning Sriman Nyayasudha. Without aspiring for any material desires, he performed rigorous physical seva in the matha by cleaning the surroundings of brindavana with his own clothes.

Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu one day appeared in his dreams and asked him the reason for this seva. The brahmin poured out his desire for a guru who could teach him Sriman Nyayasudha. The saint then instructs the brahmin to take bath and sit inside the sanctum sanctorum with the book next morning. No sooner had the brahmin done so the next day, he was spiritually enlightened and started learning Nyayasudha by listening to the voice that emerged directly from the brindavana. So intense was the guru-shishya bond, that the brahmin completed Sriman Nyayasudha in a span of just two months.

As guru dakshina, he built a mantapa around the brindavana for chaste devotees to do pradakshana. This is known as Ranga mantapam. The holy saint then asked the brahmin to give up gruhastashrama and inducted him into sanyasashrama in the name of Ranga Wodeyar. The moola brindavana of Sri Ranga Wodeyar is located within the matha premises and it is believed that he continues to learn scriptures in this place.