History of the Archaic Matha

The matha at Satyavijaya Nagaram was in a highly dilapidated condition till very recently. Not only had funds dried up for its upkeep but also due to lack of priests in the village the required manpower had also come down. The walls of sanctum santorum had worn out over the years with wall chips falling all over the place. Having endured harsh weather over the years, the Ranga mantapa only stood as a reminder of its existence. The boundary walls of moola brindavana had developed deep cracks in many places while some portions of the walls had completely caved in.

The moola brindavana of Sri Ranga Wodeyar was then made of cement and brick which had a limited shelf life. The outer structure of this brindavana was made of bricks with a rutted finish. The matha contained one stone mantapa meant for cooking. Though the pillar look was attractive, the structure was not only unsuitable for large scale cooking but also was located against vastu. There was one toilet at the far end of the matha premises which could not serve the needs of people gathering at the matha for Aradhane and other celebrations. Moreover, the matha never had a fence or a gate at the entrance though it shares its boundary with the palace fields.

It was in 2005 when the current mathaadhikari, Pt. Satyavijayachar took over and slowly the mathaa got a new look containing all such essentials that were lacking earlier. The entrance to the matha is now clearly defined by a huge iron gate and clear wall fencing. The walls of the moola brindavana got a face lift with granite finishing. The yaali or the mythical creature adorns the side steps to ranga mantapa which now wears a bright and airy fascia. Sri Ranga Wodeyaru's brindavana is now covered with stone thus making it suitable for abhisheka and alankara. The bright new concrete outer structure is visible prominently from a distance.